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On a madness in Canada today are neighbors to the North officially legalizing pot this morning with massive crowds gathering and stores all over the country. CNBCs theater buses in Canada in the middle of the cannabis. Crazy address Tillery and canopy growth continue to rise. Marijuana legalization comes to Canada tomorrow.

As you know, shares of Tilray storing more than 900% over the last three months. America’s hot for pod as a cannabis stocks continue to swerve. Bob Hassani’s at the New York stock exchange with all the details. Hi Bob. Hello Melissa. Marijuana stocks had been riding a high lately. Some of the biggest cannabis names are up 60 to 80% in just eight trading sessions and average volumes in these names in the last 30 days are up anywhere from 50% to more than 200%

you have now just seen that $100 billion marijuana stocks are coming and they’re the last legal way for the little guys like you and me to make a massive fortune fast. When Canada announced it, it’ll be legalizing marijuana. Hundreds of little known marijuana stocks have seen their profits explode. Investors, wall street and regular people like you and me are all cashing out big on the cannabis craze.

Marijuana news today, Ponte sales continue to boom and Canada. Stocks rise, cannabis stocks, surge fueled by earnings, investments and bullish analyst comments. Walmart could enter the legal weed market. Get in now before cannabis goes mainstream. How would you like to be the next weed millionaire to get rich off the marijuana stock surges? You do not need to know anything about trading or investing.

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