We cannot draw a U.S. recession conclusion from yield curve inversion, says Herb Morgan

Herb Morgan, chief investment officer at Efficient Market Advisors, joins CNBC’s “Closing Bell” to discuss the day’s market sell-off as markets come to a close.

Mortgage Defaults Radio Interview

A brief segment on the ANZ results, and the risks of higher defaults ahead from ABC PM.

“It was just weeks ago that mention of rising mortgage defaults was met with some sniggers and jeers, with many in the industry pointing to what are still actually very low rates of arrears overall.

So you can imagine the surprise when the boss of one of Australia’s big four banks conceded today that he too was worried about home owners keeping up with their repayments.

If that’s not scary enough, according to the ANZ, as many as 5 per cent of homes slumped into negative equity in March, where the value of what they owe the bank is more than what their home is worth, putting even more pressure on borrowers.

It begs the question: is the worst of the house price falls now over, or is there worse to come?”

ANZ Raises Concerns About Mortgage Stress

Chris Bates: More From The Property Market Front Line

I discuss the latest with Chris Bates, Financial Adviser and Mortgage Broker, and we also answer some viewer questions. Is the property market in recovery mode now? Is so, where?

Chris can be found at www.wealthful.com.au & www.theelephantintheroom.com.au plus via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherbates

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